Two People Killed Due to Mass Poisoning in Madura

MADURAKU.COM – Two of 318 people who became victims of mass poisoning in Pamekasan District, Madura, East Java, which occurred on May 12, 2018, eventually died after undergoing intensive care at a local general hospital.

The two dead were each named Muati and Marsum. Muati (55) from Dusun Sokon, Ponjenan Timur Village, Batumarmar Sub-District, while Marsun (40) from Betes Bere Dusun, Ponjenan Timur Village, Batumarmar Sub District.

Previously both had been treated in hospitals Waru, but because his condition continued to deteriorate eventually referred to the RSUD Dr. Slamet Martodirjo, Pamekasan, but his life was not helped.

According to media reports, hundreds of residents have been poisoned after eating rice packets at an Islamic education program held by the Nurul Jadid Institute of West Java, East Ponjenan Village, Batumarmar Subdistrict, Pamekasan District.

They instantly nauseated and vomited, and complained of dizziness, similar to the case of poisoning. The 318 residents who experienced the poisoning ate rice wrapped in the event imtihan it. (MADURAKU.COM)

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